1. The membership fee is non-refundable & non-adjustable.
  2. On the acceptance of application, Membership No. and Proposal letter for the agreement will be sent.
  3. The Agreement letter will be signed by both the parties with witness which will be binding on both the parties.
  4. The Company will arrange to get the land of customer sold on ^double amount after completion of four years.
  5. In case of developing the site into Housing colony by the company, the member can either sale the land/plot on agreed amount or can purchase the *developed unit of land/plot by paying the difference Amount.
  6. Membership is subject to encashment of cheque/draft if payment is made by cheque/draft.
  7. A member is required to deposit 25% of total amount within 15 Days of getting the membership.
  8. The member will have only two options:-either to get double Amount of his payment in respect of the Plot/land or to purchase the *developed unit of plot/land by paying the difference Amount after deduction of assured amount in the price of *developed land/plot fixed by the company at that time.
  9. In case a member wants refund of his initial 25% deposit money then refund will be made after three months of the date of depositing the same.
  10. Registration cost will be borne by the customer.
  11. Any dispute arising out will be subject to jurisdiction of Patna only.

Note: –

  1. Actual Registry cost will be borne by the concerned Member
  2. Pitching Road, Light, and Water & Sewerage amenities will be available on customer’s cost.

* Means plot/land along with 20ft unmetalled wide road.
^ Expected amount.